Mother Earth News: February/March 2009

By Staff
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Cut Your Food Bills
It’s true! You can enjoy better and healthier food while spending much less to feed your family.


Inspiring Handmade Homes
Explore the joy, wit and harmony of these exceptional buildings.

Healthy Choices to Keep Cancer at Bay
Environmental factors cause most cancers, but these 14 strategies will lower your risk.

Build a Home for $10,000 in 10 Days!
With this easy, low-cost round-timber technique, you can do it.

Turn Waste Wood Into Home Heat
Consider a pellet stove for a convenient, eco-friendly method of home heating.

Coping with Critters
Protect your home and garden from termites, skunks, gophers, hawks, mice and more.

The Hidden Link Between Factory Farms and Human Illness
Inhumane, unsustainable meat and poultry production is putting human health at risk.

13 Tools to Tame Winter
Get equipped to handle snow and ice.


News from Mother
Finding the Silver Lining

Dear Mother
Discussing population; Simple fire-starting techniques; Scary genetic engineering

Country Lore
Repel Cabbageworms
Stomp Out Cabbage Maggots
Reuse Paint Thinner
Creative Paper Holders
Simple Tarp Protectors from Tennis Balls
Convert a Golf Cart to a Utility Vehicle
How to Make a Canoe Carrier
From Dishwasher to Dish Dryer

Green Gazette
Save Money and Energy with New Tax Credits
More Great News About Free-range Eggs
MAX Wins 800-mile Race, without Gas
Eight Emergency Power Options
The Return of a Great Corn Variety
A Pioneering EcoGastronomy Program
Award-winning Advances in Solar Power

Crop at a GlanceAll about Growing Peas
Plant cold-hardy peas early for abundant harvests.

Eat in Season
Kitchen Counter Gardening: Try Sprouts
If you want to grow nutritious and tasty fresh vegetables this time of year, sprouts are the answer to your prayers.

Firsthand ReportsAn Amazing and Prolific Urban Homestead
How our family of four has created food and energy self-sufficiency on a fifth of an acre.

Garden Know-how
Tap this Ancient Technique to Improve Your Soil
Charcoal made from brush can increase your soil’s fertility and help slow climate change.

Green Home Improvement
Eco-friendly Tile
Durable, nontoxic and easy-to-clean — try recycled tiles for your next floor or countertop project.

Kitchen Garden
Unique Short-season Heirloom Cowpeas
Try fast-growing ‘Fagiolino Dolico di Veneto’ in your garden this spring.