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During the 83rd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference held in Norfolk, Virginia, Ducks Unlimited announced the recipients of the 2018 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards.

These awards were presented in six different categories. The six recipients are individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the preservation and restoration of American wetlands and waterfowl. Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall, with Ducks Unlimited Chief Conservation Officer Nick Wiley, presented the awards in Virginia.

“As always, there were many worthy conservationists nominated for this year’s Wetlands Conservation Achievement Awards. The winners represent how people with a shared passion for wetlands, waterfowl and wildlife can achieve great things for conservation,” Wiley said. “Ducks Unlimited is honored to recognize their work and we hope their achievements inspire others. We all have to work together to rescue our wetlands.”

The following six individuals were honored with this 2018 conservation award:

Jim Stutzman, founder of Montana’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife program, for his work in preserving the wetlands of Montana, spanning 3 decades.

Congressman David Joyce of Ohio, for his constant work in preserving the wetlands of Ohio, and for pushing for conservation legislation during his time in office.

Diane Eggeman, for 3 decades of dedication working with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to strengthen conservation practices in Florida.

Dr. Ray Alisauskas, a research scientist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, adjunct professor University of Saskatchewan, for his years of research on goose, sea duck, and waterfowl ecology.

Lennie Sam and Aline Skaggs, for a lifetime of conservation work in Idaho, leading to the conservation of more than 2,500 acres of land within Idaho’s Snake River watershed.

Dennis Anderson, an outdoors columnist from Minneapolis Star Tribune, for 30 years of engaging storytelling to promote wildlife and habitat conservation.

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