Do the Math Tour 2012

Reader Contribution by England Porter
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Many Americans read the recent Rolling Stones article by Bill McKibben which told the world to “do the math” on climate change. This piece, which ran in July of 2012, laid out some scientific facts about how human actions are impacting climate change, and how the change in turn impacts human beings. McKibben says to “do the math,” about how many degrees we can raise the global temperature before there is irriversable damage, as well as how the existing energy reserves will impact that temperature if they are used.

This November, Bill McKibben is taking to the road with his message about climate change. He will be touring the nation in a sustainable bus, visiting communities and speaking to diverse crowds across the country. This tour will match Bill McKibben with other activist, artists and writers, from Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Naomi Klein, and will focus on starting a movement, not just spreading information.  

If you are interested in learning more, or becoming an active part of the movement, consider going to one of the speeches on this more-than-month-long tour. Check to see if the tour is coming close to you, so you can see the talk and join the movement.

Photo by Fotolia/Vitaly Krivosheev