Community and Belonging

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I’ve never been real good at joining organizations or movements, but, more or less fortuitously, I have found myself surrounded by a group of similarly minded folks from time to time. Whether it was a farmers market organization, an alternative-grazing strategy group, or a heritage livestock and heirloom seeds society, I’ve certainly benefited from the well-meaning embrace of folks who’ve found my work to be interesting, or whose work I’ve found to be inspiring. And even though my default is to melt into the landscape at our ranch when I need to recharge, either alone or with Joanna, it’s good to know that I’m not truly alone in the way that I approach a good life.

And so it is with our business here at Ogden Publications. We’re committed to the endeavor of inspiring can-do communities, be they interested in self-sufficient living, homesteading, old farm machinery, classic motorcycles, or heirloom plants. We’re also committed to being active, positive members of those communities we help foster — our editor who’s in charge of Motorcycle Classics magazine is a true wonk when it comes to all things with two wheels. I have nearly 40 years of experience in various aspects of sustainable living and small-scale, alternative agricultural strategies that actually feed people.

And now, we’re preparing to embrace our community membership with a new business paradigm that we think will better serve our communities and make us more sustainable as a business in the process. Beginning sometime in 2019, likely in the first half of the year, we’ll embark on a new mission where we no longer look at ourselves as a magazine and events business, but instead as a truly community-inspiring wellspring that feeds and is fed by an enthusiastic, engaged community of individuals. And so, in the future, you won’t simply subscribe to one or more of our magazines; you’ll instead choose a membership in one or more of our communities. Oh, don’t worry, you’ll receive the magazines in the mail as before, but for the same price as a subscription, you’ll also receive full access to our soon-to-be gated websites; exclusive access to premium content, such as podcasts and videos; fixed discounts on books and other goods in our store; reduced prices at events and access to some member-only components at those events; and more, as the benefits package is still being built.

If you’ve found yourself buoyed by communities that support or challenge your endeavors, I’d love to hear about them. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the coming change from subscriptions to memberships, please drop me a line at

See you in April,