MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2014

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Lifestyles of the Self-Sufficient
These three inspiring stories from our 2014 Homesteaders of the Year prove that you can reject the “rat race” and build a more sustainable, satisfying life.


Best Summer Cover Crops
Sow these four fast-growing, weed-suppressing soil builders in any patch possible, even during your prime gardening season.

DIY Produce Storage Bins
Make a set of stackable vegetable crates out of cedar fence boards to create storage containers that move easily from garden or market to pantry or basement.

How to Make Pickles
These three basic methods put perfect pickling within the grasp of every preserver. Just pick a pickle recipe and put it to the test!

Mycorrhizal Fungi: The Amazing Underground Secret to a Better Garden
Enjoy healthier soil and better harvests by nurturing the partnership between plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi.

Make a Biogas Generator to Produce Your Own Natural Gas
Transform grass clippings, food waste and manure into renewable energy with a home-scale methane digester.

An Invisible Network: How Your Immune System Protects You
Learn about your body’s remarkable defenses against disease.


News From MOTHER
Seeking Safer, Saner Agriculture

Reader letters about the consequences of modern agriculture, timesaving garden equipment, debt-free living, avoiding pesticide-laden nursery plants, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Asheville, N.C., and more.

Green Gazette
What’s Really in Supermarket Meat
Neighborhoods With Local Food at the Hub
The ‘Instant Pot’ Electric Pressure Cooker
Distributed Energy Generation
Grain Guide
Better Wedding Flowers
Top Poultry Book

The Gardener’s Table
Summer’s Riches: Green Beans, Tomatoes and Basil
Panzanella Recipe
Herby Pickled Beans Recipe
Soupe au Pistou Recipe

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Make Deck Balusters From Used Golf Clubs
How to Freeze Beans for Quick Meals
Save Plumbing, Feed Birds
Mulching With Newspapers
Free Farm Buckets (Frosting Not Included)
Gardening on the Wild Side
Pucker Up! Cleaning With Lemons and Limes
Recycle Prescription Bottles
The Sweetest Ant Poison
Don’t Pull the Plug on a Greywater System
Stop to Smell the Wood Shavings
Pedal Your Way to Fresh-Baked Bounty
Homemade Onion Powder
Chicken Little Goes ‘Glamping’
Hang in There!
Homemade Barbecue Chips

Ask Our Experts
How to Store Your Seeds
Best Mosquito Traps for Your Yard
Ideal Heavy-Duty Mowers for Your Meadow
Why Gas Guzzlers Are Still Going Strong
Clean Castoff Cast-Iron Cookware

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