Make Deck Balusters From Used Golf Clubs

This deck refinishing idea employs used golf clubs as deck balusters and is perfect for golf aficionados and recycling enthusiasts alike.

| August/September 2014

I went shopping for some deck balusters at a big-box store and came away with sticker shock. I knew there had to be a cheaper way to redo my deck! Later, I noticed some used golf clubs lying around and I thought, “Why not remove the heads and use the shafts with grips for deck balusters?”

I screwed 3-inch deck screws spaced 4 inches apart on a 2-by-4-inch top rail. I cut the heads off the clubs with a curved-nose wire cutter, then slipped the grip end of each club over the screws. Next, I slid the driver end of each club into holes I had drilled 4 inches apart on the bottom rail. I attached the top rail to the vertical deck posts, sealed the bottom rail to the clubs with silicone, and presto! I had beautiful deck balusters.

After my success with the first section, I bought a ton of inexpensive, used golf clubs to finish the job. Now I just have to find a use for all those cutoff golf club heads!

Jeff Setaro
Horse Shoe, North Carolina

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