Could-Do Calendar June 2018

By Staff
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Could-Do Calendar June 2018

Summer is here! Soak in every possible minute of outdoor living.

May / June 2018
By the Mother Earth Living Editors

1. Get clean air flowing. Replace air filters, open windows, and install screen doors throughout your house.

2. Place cooped-up houseplants outside for fresh air and sunlight.

3. Enjoy Iced Tea Day on June 10. Ready your favorite refreshing herbal brew and relax in some sunshine.

4. Bugs will flock to summer gardens. Learn organic pest control methods.

5. Prepare a meal of garden produce to celebrate Fresh Veggies Day on June 16.

6. Hang a clothesline to save energy and to give laundry extra freshness.

7. Join an outdoor yoga class to connect with nature and with your community.

8. Scrape the grill, clean the patio, and get ready for the first barbecue of summer.