Holiday Hacks for a Clean, Festive, Pet-Friendly Home

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What’s worse than getting coal in your stocking? Pet odors and messes when your holiday guests are on their way. Below are six foolproof, pet-friendly tips and products that will keep your house clean, dust-free, odor-free and always ready for any and all gatherings. Glad tidings and glee this holiday season!

1) Just because your home has a litter box, does not mean your home has to smell like one. Just like with anything, you can’t believe everything you see and hear. When selecting a natural cat litter, those containing odor controlling ingredients is a good thing, but  leaders in this category, ökocat Natural Cat Litters from Healthy Pet, contains a patented odor control formula that can keep odors at bay for up to seven days!  ökocat Natural Cat Litters contain no artificial scents or perfumes, and contain the all-natural scent of pine which erases odor instead of masking. Heavy perfumes and additives don’t mix well and have the tendency to leave behind strange and offensive ammonia scents.

2) Leave the slobber and flying food up to the Grinch! Have you ever come home to find your house looking more like Times Square on New Year’s Day, due to kibble scattered all over the floor and a combination drip path of water and slobber halfway across your living room floor?  Mess-containing mats are a great and affordable solution to keeping your pet’s food and water from spilling across your floors. Bella® Spill-Proof Mats by Loving Pets for Dogs (bone-shaped) and Cats (fish shaped) comfortably fit two to four bowls for food and water.  Made of durable BPA-free plastic, with a raised edge and slip-resistant feet on the bottom to keep the mat in place, Bella Spill-Proof Mats make clean-up a breeze.

3) A Christmas tree should be the only green addition to your home this holiday season. Reduce bacteria in your pet’s water and food with both style and function. Choose a bacteria-resistant and vet-recommended stainless steel bowl, such as classic Bella Bowls® or Ruff ‘N Tuff Diamond Plate Bowls from Loving Pets, to keep your pet’s food and water fresher longer. These bowls are dishwasher safe, making regular washing easy and convenient.

4) Festive meals aren’t just for people and no guest appreciates a begging pet! Start mealtime traditions with Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company. Evanger’s holiday meals and certified kosher foods use American-produced meats, fruits and vegetables. Award-winning hand-packed meats and signature stews for canned food options, or grain-free dry food options like Whitefish & Sweet Potato, are sure to get your dog and cat licking the bowl clean and feeling great.

5) Even your pooch wants to get gussied up for the holiday festivities, so say yes to festive and fresh minty breath with healthy teeth and gums! WHIMZEES® Dental Chews not only provide long lasting entertainment and offer a natural choice, but they are also available in whimz-ical shapes and characters like alligators, hedgehogs, toothbrushes and more. Plus, they make the perfect stocking stuffer! With limited natural ingredients and ranging in sizes from XXS to XL, for all breeds and sizes of dogs, WHIMZEES® promote canine fun while freshening breath and helping to make canine mouths healthy and happy.

6) If you are not hosting, then you are more than likely traveling and no one wants to leave their beloved furry friends at home. Travel in style and comfort with Sherpa® Pet Carriers from Quaker Pet Group. From the Original Deluxe to the Delta and American Airlines carriers, there is a carrier for every breed of small dog or cat. Sherpa carriers were the first soft-sided pet carrier to be endorsed by major airlines and continue to be the industry standard for pet carriers.

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