Wood Gas Meetup in Argos, Indiana

Reader Contribution by Chris Saenz
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Headed 300 miles north on wood power… Indiana here we come! 

The wood gas community may be small and scattered, but interest is growing. We decided to host a get-together for all the active wood gas guys.  

Indiana seemed to be the logical spot, so the honor of hosting the event fell to Ron Lemler and his wife, who did an excellent job. Over the weekend, we got to see Terry Grzyb’s hopped up wood-powered lawnmower, a day long demonstration of charcoal making by Gary Gilmore, and a show and tell in which several of the wood gas drivers (including Wayne Keith and Mike LaRosa) fired up their trucks.  

Martin Payne’s gasifier parts:

Terry Grzyb’s wood gas mower and truck:

  Wayne shows off his latest creation:

Chris Saenz lights up. Yes that’s me:

All combined with good food and conversation, and playing music around the campfire in the evenings. We spent plenty of time answering questions about wood gas and riding around in style on pallet scraps provided by Ron Lemler. This is the tractor he converted to wood gas:

Terry Grzyb adds fuel:

Ron Lemler starting his vintage wood gas Ford:

Wayne Keith showing us a flare:

Here’s a reversed gasifier being flared out the top:

All in all we had a great turnout, over 100 folks came over the course of the weekend! Many of them told me they were going home to start their own projects — so next year will be even better. Come join us!

Read more about the Indiana Wood Gas Meetup: http://driveonwood.com/forum/80

More about wood gas: http://driveonwood.com

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