Save Money Using an Electric Vehicle

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Using an electric scooter can dramatically cut your carbon footprint.

Use an energy saving electric scooter instead of a car. My neighbor found they could save money using an electric vehicle to drive to work.

Save Money Using an Electric Vehicle

This is an example of how simple an electric vehicle (EV) solution can be: Bonnie, my 63-year-old neighbor, hates buying gasoline.

On her own, without any prior knowledge of electric vehicles, Bonnie went shopping for a small electric scooter with the intention of riding it for her one-mile commute to work. The salesman, hearing what she intended to do with it, advised her to buy a large model, a Razor E500S, which she purchased for $200.

Bonnie keeps a log book in her car and writes down the dollar amount when she refuels her car. I used this log to calculate that she averaged $15.75 a week for gas during the year prior to the scooter’s arrival. Since the scooter purchase, her weekly gas expense has dropped to $9.30. With a savings of $6.45 a week, she saved $258 on gas during the first 10 months.

Now for the bonus, her employer has a program in place that rewards employees $25 cash for each month they don’t drive a car to work. So, Bonnie is now getting $25 in cash each month just for riding her scooter, plus the big gas savings.

— Clyde Schwanke
Topeka, Kansas

Razor is no longer making the 500 series, but the IZIP I-500 electric scooter, available at sporting goods stores, is an adequate substitute. — MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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