Save Money and Go Green With an MPG App

Reader Contribution by England Porter
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There are a lot of reasons to take a closer look at your gas mileage, and one of the biggest is the price of gas. Though fuel costs have gone through peaks and valleys in the last few decades, the overall trend has been up. According to GasPriceWatch, the average price of gasoline in the U.S. in 1997 and 1998 hovered around a dollar per gallon, whereas today it’s surprising when it drops below $3.00. One way to limit fuel consumption on those long commutes is to keep track of your vehicle’s mpg, and we’ve compiled a list of some smartphone and mobile mpg apps to help!

Car Minder: Calculates maintenance and detects potential problems early; easy-to-read graphs. For Apple devices.

Est MPG App: Uses U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) vehicle database to calculate mpg estimates for over 30,000 vehicles sold from 1984 to the present. For Android devices.

Gas Cubby: Tracks gas mileage and maintenance for multiple vehicles; charts stats and expenses; supports a variety of measurements (miles, kilometers, gallons, liters); stores or emails vehicle data. For Apple devices. 

GreenMeter: Evaluates driving and gives real-time feedback to modify driving habits for improved mpg. For Apple devices.

MPG Calc: Calculates mpg in gallons, liters, miles or kilometers; figures fuel efficiency for multiple vehicles. For Apple devices.

MPG for Free: Charts mpg trends and averages; unlimited data entry. For Apple devices.

MPG Tracker: Tracks gas mileage history online so it can be accessed if device fails; sends maintenance reminders; tracks gas prices. For Android devices.

Road Trip: Tracks mileage and helps schedule maintenance; uses GPS to calculate trip mileage and costs in a variety of currencies; generates graphs and statistics for multiple vehicles; calculates distance to empty. For Apple devices.

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