2012 Green Car Buyer’s Guide, Mazda

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2012 Green Car Buyer’s Guide, Mazda

2012 model year highlight from Mazda: the Mazda 3 (with Skyactiv).


Compiled by Megan E. Phelps, John Rockhold,
Hannah Kincaid, Emily Glover,
Bradley Berman and Zach McDonald

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Mazda 3 (With Skyactiv)

Gasoline, Compact or Hatchback

Price Range: $20,300 – $22,300
City/Hwy/Combined MPG: 28/40/33
Annual Fuel Cost: $1,750
Air Pollution Score: 5
Greenhouse Gas Score: 8
ACEEE Green Score and Class Ranking: 48/Above Average
Safety Ratings: IIHS Top Safety Pick; 4-star NHTSA rating
Space: 94.1 cu. ft. p.v./seats 5
Drive Score: 5
Similar Used: Skyactiv new for 2012

Good to Know:

  • The 2012 Mazda 3 marks the North American debut of Mazda’s Skyactiv portfolio of efficiency-boosting technologies.
  • Skyactiv uses direct injection and one of the highest fuel compression ratios found in a mass-market vehicle. This increases engine power by 5 percent, torque by 10 percent and fuel economy by more than 20 percent.
  • Other features found in the Skyactiv fuel-saving suite include an electrohydraulic steering system and a unique six-speed automatic transmission that behaves like a traditional automatic at lower speeds but mimics a dual-clutch at higher speeds.
  • Skyactiv is an option for two of the hatchback Mazda 3 trims and two of the compact Mazda 3 trims.
  • The Mazda 3 earns high points for driving fun, sometimes even compared with BMW in terms of driving dynamics.

What the Press Says:

  • “On the highway with just a few frugal driving techniques, we found it is possible to keep with the flow of traffic and push mileage well into the mid-40-mpg range in the Mazda 3. That’s hybrid territory.” — Green Car Journal
  • “The 2012 Mazda 3’s refinement issues will linger until the car gets a full redesign in the future, but its driving fun and fuel efficiency keep the car competitive.” — Cars.com
  • “The Skyactiv technology almost certainly will be adopted by other carmakers as a way to meet ever-increasing fuel economy standards. Mazda is to be congratulated for bumping mileage up and still making cars that are fun to drive.” — Autoweek

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Photo from Mazda