Current Motor Company Debuts Line of Electric Scooters

Reader Contribution by Sean Rosner

Taking care of your transportation needs without a single drop of gasoline is becoming a more promising prospect these days, and recent start-up company Current Motors is doing its part to speed the agenda along. The company recently released a line of impressive all-electric scooters that could have you saying goodbye to the gas pump.

Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., the company is composed of a small staff of scientists, engineers and electric vehicle industry experts, including Bob Lutz, a former vice chairman of General Motors who oversaw the development of the Chevrolet Volt. The group’s goal is to make the highest quality, most efficient electric scooter possible at an affordable price.

Current Motors is offering three scooter models: economy, standard and deluxe. The deluxe model, which costs about $8,000, offers optimum range and speed among the three. It’s capable of highway speeds (65 MPH) and a range of about 50 miles of city driving per charge. The lithium iron phosphate batteries in the scooters take about four hours to fully charge, and Current says the cost of charging the scooters amounts to about 1 cent per mile.

And if those numbers aren’t enough, Current Motors is now offering a $2,000 discount to customers who agree to participate in its Test Pilot Program. Customers must simply provide the company with feedback on their scooter on a monthly basis for the first year after purchase. Through the program, Current Motors hopes to immediately take care of any glitches that come up with the first batch of scooters and prevent them from affecting more customers.

For more information on the scooters and the test pilot program, visit the Current Motor Company website.

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