Karma GS-6 Hybrid Electric Sportscar Test Drive

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Karma GS 6 group shot.

When electric meets luxury, you get Karma’s 2021 GS-6 plug-in hybrid sportscar. It’s sleek, low, and just plain sexy. As we move towards a more electrified future, the GS-6 is definitely a competitor, especially in the price of luxurious vehicles. We’re talking a base price of $85,700.

Now, many people may not have ever heard of Karma, but they will. It’s an American automotive producer headquartered in California, ready to take on the electric vehicle (EV) world. The GS-6 has an EPA-rated electric-only range of up to 61 miles, while the hybrid system generates 536 combined horsepower.

Luxurious Interior

When you sit in the GS-6, the first thing you notice is the leather. It’s all over the place! I mean from the dash to the seats and door panels. Even the padded surfaces have leather on the top layer. However, the controls such as the buttons, stalks, and switches could operate with a little more tactility.

Additionally, extra brightwork could offset the all-black exterior and carbon-fiber trim so that the cabin doesn’t feel too dark, especially with how narrow the windows are. Additional sound insulation could help, too, because the 22-inch wheels create a significant amount of road and tire noise, especially on unmaintained roads with lots of potholes, expansion joints, and bumps.

Despite its size, the Karma G6 interior is tight. It’s best to consider it a 2+2 with four doors due to that coupe-like roofline, making ingress/egress tough. Rear passengers will feel a little intimate because of the small windows and lack of head and legroom.

However, this is Seth speaking. I drove two colleagues down to NYC in the car, and one was so relaxed they fell asleep in the back. So, it’s a seriously comfortable car but definitely with Porsche-like smaller seats in the back. Although the seats are supportive and hold you in place nicely, the cushions and seat backs are firm, and you can’t tilt the front portion of the former up or down.

The interior reminded me of an updated Karma. On my Instagram back in 2014. Yet I sat in the original Fisker Karma. More wood look and sport metal looks now, but still relatively the same. So, in keeping with the environmental theme of this plug-in hybrid they added carbon fiber, as well, recycled metals.

Interior Console of Karma

The Karma G-6 Hybrid’s Drivability

I drove this car into Long Island and all throughout Westchester County and New York City for a photoshoot for BLINK Charging in New York.  I can’t say much negative press on this car. I have a few suggestions, but not many.

1. Make the G-6 have hydraulics to lift the car. Every time it left my driveway, I could hear the scrape at low speeds.

2. Add lights at night near the charge port and by the handle.

3. Definitely work on the speakers. They need some work to ensure each seat has its own controls. The general acoustics were, I would say, BMW-esque to start. But the basic plan needs an upgrade. These are simple little things.

What About the Battery Technology?

Unlike lead acid or other advanced battery technologies, nanophosphate EXT is designed to maintain long cycle life at extreme high temperatures and deliver high power at extreme low temperatures. This works well for this vehicle.

I provide a lot more details, photos and videos of my test drive over on my site, Green Living Guy.

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