Chevy Volt Earns Energizing Awards

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The Chevy Volt is more than an energy-efficient electric car — it’s the 2011 Car of the Year. 

After the long-awaited Chevrolet Volt electric car hit select showroom floors in late 2010, it didn’t take long for the accolades to start pouring in.

Crediting the Volt with having “some of the most advanced engineering ever seen in a mainstream American automobile,” Motor Trend chose the car as the 2011 winner of its prestigious Car of the Year award, which is based on a wide range of criteria, including design, efficiency, safety and value.

Worried about driving range in an electric car? The Volt’s small gas engine can power the electric motors if needed, creating a total range of about 350 miles. Not surprisingly, the vehicle shines when it comes to efficiency. Motor Trend calculates that in all-electric mode, the Volt gets the equivalent of 105 mpg.

The Volt also won praise from Green Car Journal, which named it the 2011 Green Car of the Year, saying the Volt is “without peer,” and “an example of what advanced technology, intelligently applied, can accomplish without imposing compromise.” Read more about the Volt in Best Green Cars, 2011.