Seed Savers Exchange Catalog Wins Gold Award

Reader Contribution by Staff
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We recently conducted a survey in which hundreds of readers told us which seed company catalogs and websites they liked best, and why. Seed Savers Exchange firmly ranked in the top three, proving that MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers know a great thing when they see it! This week the 2010 summer edition of the Seed Savers Exchange catalog was given a prestigious Gold Award by the Garden Writers Association, the professional organization of garden communicators.

What’s so great about Seed Savers Exchange and its catalog? Here are some choice comments from our survey:  

“Wonderful heirloom seed, beautiful catalog and a great mission.”

“Most beautiful catalog, plus a great selection of heirloom veggies.”

“Seed Savers Exchange provides seeds for the most unique and nearly forgotten plants, each complete with a fascinating history. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.”

“Seed Savers Exchange’s philosophy of seed preservation is appreciated and I want to help support this very important effort. Their prices are just about right, knowing a private enterprise needs to charge a wee bit more than a corporation would. Their catalog and website are very user-friendly, and I like the packaging in foil bags, and the fact that bulk amounts can be purchased.”

“Seed Savers Exchange is helping to create an heirloom future.”

Look for a complete report of our latest Seed Company Survey in the December 2011/January 2012 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.