Can Bicycle Travel Save Small Town America?

Reader Contribution by Rebecca Martin

A pair of cycling partners believes bicycle travel can save small town America, and is promoting this philosophy in a short video, “Bicycles and Small Town America.” 

Russ Roca and Laura Crawford are frequent bicycle travelers who document their journeys on the website, The Path Less Pedaled: Inspiring Bicycle Travel Through Storytelling. The couple ardently advocate for bike touring. Since 2009, Roca and Crawford have taken bike trips around much of the United States and, most recently, across New Zealand. Their penchant for bike touring is supported by video work and speaking engagements.

Roca and Crawford make an eloquent argument that cycling trips can help save small towns through increased income generated by bike touring. Watch their short video, “Bicycles and Small Town America.”

Rebecca Martin is an Associate Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine, where her beats include DIY and Green Transportation. She’s an avid cyclist and has never met a vegetable she didn’t like. You can find her on .

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