Tax Credit for Bicycle Commuting

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Do you ride a bike to work a few days a week? Good for you. Guess what — you deserve more than a pat on the back! How does $20 a month sound?

If you use a bicycle for your work commute at least three days a week and if your employer participates in the program, you are eligible for an expense reimbursement of up to $20 per month. The credit is intended to help offset some of the costs of bicycle commuting, such as the purchase of a bike, bike lock, helmet, parking pass, maintenance and even shower facilities. Employers can choose to reimburse receipts, or offer monthly payments or vouchers.

So how do you get the credit? Ask your human resources department if your employer is set up to provide this benefit. If not, tell your employer you want it! Find other bicycle commuters in your workplace, and encourage them to ask for it, too.

Learn more through the League of American Bicyclists and the office of Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

Note: Though cyclists applaud this legislation — and have been working on the policy for ages — many folks criticized this year’s $700 billion financial bailout plan to which it was attached. You can read more about that in Bicycle Commuter Tax Break is Bittersweet Victory for Measure’s Sponsor.

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