Tiny Home Ideas for Inspired, Affordable Homes on Wheels

Do you desire small-home living that’s mobile, too? Peruse these pictures of tiny houses, inside and out, before you embark on your own adventure.

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by Rob Mason
Built with wood from local sawmills and insulated with sheep's wool, this army-truck home can move as its owner looks for land.

A number of young people, families with small children, and retirees have been building small homes on wheels. These tiny homes on wheels diverge from the average size of new single-family homes in the United States, which has risen 1,000 square feet in the past 40 years. Lloyd Kahn’s Tiny Homes on the Move captures this movement, featuring nearly 100 tiny home ideas that have come to life in the form of vans, trucks, buses, trailers, sailboats, and houseboats.

The homeowners’ accounts of small home living reveal people who long to be free of mortgage payments and who want to enjoy nature and spend time together rather than work to buy more stuff or square footage. Some tiny-home dwellers rent land or live on family property until they can transport their homes to permanent spaces. Others use tiny homes on wheels as temporary quarters while they build larger, more permanent structures.

They’re not all planning to live life on the road, but making a home on wheels anticipates a journey. These tiny homes enable both intentional living and the constant possibility of the open road.