The 7 Best Sandblasters for Home Use

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Whether you’re restoring old cars, renovating your home or cleaning rusted equipment, a sandblaster is useful to have at your disposal.

From art to manufacturing, these tools have a variety of uses available to people of all different occupations and hobbies. For instance, auto-enthusiasts use this equipment to blast car parts clean, excellent for restoration projects. 

When buying one of these tools, you want to make sure you get the best deal for your money. If you don’t already use one regularly, you may not understand what things to look for, much less which equipment best matches your needs and budget.

To know what the best sandblasters tools for home are, you have to understand what makes them work.

Sandblasting Basics

If you want to make a smart purchase, you’re going to have to learn a thing or two about what you’re buying. Luckily, you can find in-depth sandblasting guides online that will help you learn more about the tools and how they work. To get started in the learning process, here are some basics you should know.

First off, it may help you to know how sandblasting work. Sandblasters remove debris from a surface by projecting tiny bits of material at high speeds. This material can be anything from actual sand to walnut shells. 

Compressed air forces the particles out of the nozzle of the sandblaster and towards your target surface. These particles then chip away debris like rust and paint as they hit the surface. While this process is generally the same across all sandblasters, there are three different kinds to look for — gravity-fed, pressure and siphon.

Gravity-fed blasters. In a gravity-fed sandblaster, the blasting material enters the barrel from a hopper on top. As material leaves the barrel, more falls in through the hopper. When you release the trigger, the opening beneath the hopper will close, so excess material doesn’t block the barrel.

Pressure blasters. Pressure blasters use a canister filled with both compressed air and blasting material. When you pull the trigger, you release air and sand together from a single source. These sandblasters require far less maintenance but may cost more initially. 

Siphon blasters. Siphon blasters use the force of the compressed air to create a vacuum that will draw in blasting material through a hose and into the barrel. These tools are often more affordable and resilient.

The Best Sandblasters for Home Use

Now that you know the basics of sandblasting, here are seven of the best tools for home use.

1. Black Bull SFSB90

The Black Bull SFSB90 is a gravity-fed sandblaster that boasts a 7.5-gallon tank and a capacity of 90 pounds. This impressive size lends the blaster an equally remarkable amount of power. It can operate at upwards of 80 PSI for roughly two and a half hours, allowing you to use it long enough to blast virtually any surface you would need at home.

The heavy-duty blaster also comes with attached wheels and several different nozzles, making it both portable and versatile. It’s no wonder why Toolzview and BestAdvisor both list the Black Bull SFSB90 in their top five sandblasting tools.

2. Generic Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun

While this sandblaster leaves something to be desired in its name, it offers competitive performance and durability. This siphon blaster’s gun is made of die-cast aluminum and weighs less than a pound.

The Generic Sandblaster Siphon Blast Gun is astoundingly cheap, but it doesn’t come with an air supply, so you’ll have to buy one if you don’t already own one. It does, however, come with four ceramic nozzles of varying sizes so that you can use it for any number of jobs.

3. Lematec Portable AS118

The Lematec Portable AS118 finds itself towards the top of the list for both Ezvid Wiki and Toolzview. This highly-portable gravity-fed blaster is small and lightweight enough to allow you to travel with or easily maneuver it while working,

While the 18-ounce hopper may not allow for long periods of blasting, you can refill it quickly and easily with most mediums.

4. Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV

Mechanical Caveman’s number one sandblaster pick, the Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV, comes with a lightweight blasting gun, a ten-foot hose and a one-year warranty. While you will need to purchase an air supply and a container for the blasting material, the affordability leaves you some wiggle room to do so.

The siphon-fed blaster has a replaceable ceramic nozzle that can withstand almost any material you shoot through it, even after extended use.

5. Zendex SpeedBlaster

Another top ten list staple is the Zendex SpeedBlaster. Similar to the Lematec AS118, the SpeedBlaster is a portable gravity-fed sandblaster, though slightly heavier and certainly pricier than the Lematec. The hopper has a capacity of 26 ounces that can hold most blasting mediums.

This sandblaster is notably powerful for its size, with an optimal operating pressure of 100 to 125 PSI. Some users have complained about the SpeedBlaster’s durability, meaning it may be best suited to smaller, infrequent tasks. 

6. Performance Tool M549 

The Performance Tool M549 is a gravity-fed blaster that comes with a 50-pound hopper and an aluminum blast gun. BestAdvisor’s pick for most reasonably priced sandblaster, the M549, can be found for half the price of other large blasters, like the Black Bull SFSB90. 

Despite its size, this blaster doesn’t produce an outstanding amount of power, and you may need to buy another, shorter hose. The lack of wheels cause portability issues for the M549, and its nozzle is not as reliable as other models.

7. Dragway Tools Model 25

The only blasting cabinet on this list is the Dragway Tools Model 25. Instead of a blasting gun attached to a hose, cabinets blast material within an enclosed space. The Dragway Model 25 comes with internal lights to ensure you can see your work better and hefty rubber gloves that allow you to handle parts while blasting.

The Model 25 comes with a gun contained in the cabinet, giving you control over the blasting process. This tool is great for small, intricate jobs, but can’t be used for large surfaces, limiting its versatility. 

Choosing the Best Sandblaster for Home Use

Now that you know which sandblaster will work best for you, what are you waiting for? Don’t let that home project sit around and collect dust.

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