Watch Straw Bale Building in Action

Reader Contribution by Staff

<p>I just ran across this interesting video about straw bale building posted over on <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Lloyd Kahn&rsquo;s blog</a>. It&rsquo;s about the Builders without Borders <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Straw Bale Eco-house</a>, which was constructed and exhibited in Washington, D.C., during the summer of 2008.</p>
<p>The video shows many of the steps involved in the construction of this load-bearing straw bale house, including how they deal with the problem of too much moisture in the straw. Straw bale building enthusiasts and regular <em>Mother Earth News</em> readers may see a few familiar names, too. The members of the building team include Catherine Wanek and Bill and Athena Steen. Take a look!</p>
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