Spray Day: DIY Natural Fabric Spritz

Reader Contribution by The Old School
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There are some things that you just aren’t going to wash very often, like your curtains, couch cushions, and probably even your favorite jeans. To spare the air, concoct a simple essential oil-infused linen spray, and spritz away until your definition of what “clean” smells like shifts permanently.


  • 30 drops lavender, rose, or jasmine essential oil
  • 3 oz isopropyl alcohol
  • 1-1/2 c distilled water
  • spray bottle
  • funnel
  • small bowl


  1. Pour alcohol into a small bowl.
  2. Add essential oil and mix thoroughly. (Mixing the oil and alcohol before adding water is imperative.)
  3. Add distilled water and stir.
  4. Using the funnel, pour the mixture into the bottle and spray onto your sheets, curtains, clothing, and pretty much anything cloth and/or covered in cloth that could use a fragrant spritz.

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