Buying a 4G iPhone? Sell Your Cell to Gazelle

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Photo Courtesy Gazelle
Gazelle will buy your used cell phone and other electronics.

For those of you upgrading your iPhone this week, be sure to check out before you toss your old iPhone. Gazelle buys your old iPhone, and more than 80 percent of the electronics Gazelle buys go to new users–not the landfill.

How does it work?

The sooner you sell your iPhone, the better, because with more time, it decreases in value. Once you get an account and select an item to sell, Gazelle can estimate an offer and get the process started.

Shipping is free via FedEx or UPS, and Gazelle will even send you a box to mail it. Upon receiving your old iPhone, Gazelle clears the memory on it to protect your privacy.

In one week, Gazelle will send you an e-mail with an offer after inspection. You can accept or decline the offer at this time.

After 10 days, Gazelle will pay you via Paypal, check, gift card, or you can have the money sent to a charity of your choice.

Refer Gazelle to a friend, and if it sells an item for $50 or more, you receive $10.

How much will I get for my iPhone?

Just choose your model from the dropdown menu, click the orange “Go” button, answer the questions, and in less than a minute, you will know how much your iPhone is worth. Gazelle buys iPhones for $30-$222 (2G, 4GB in worst conditions-3G, 32GB in best conditions).

The price offer you receive is based on the following questions:

• Does your phone make a call successfully?

• Is it free of water damage?

• How is the overall condition? Poor, Fair, Good, or Perfect? (scroll over each for a definition on the company’s website)

• Do you still have the AC adapter and original cables?

The offer can change after inspection.

If you have a question about your device, click the Live Chat button from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET for help. The attendants respond quickly and are knowledgeable.

Buying your first iPhone? You can sell your regular phone on Gazelle as well. Have the model number or full product name handy.