Right-Size Your Home: Is Your House Too Big?

You can assess the appropriateness of your home’s proportions by asking yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to five or more, your house is suffering from a case of “Too Bigness.”

?  Are any living areas in the house taller than they are wide?

?  Do any spaces feel comfortable only when the house is full of people?

?  When you are in the kitchen, do you have to shout to be heard in the adjacent family room?

?  Is your house so large that you can coexist with other household members without running into them?

?  Are any spaces particularly echoey?

?  Are any spaces rarely used? Is there no need to repurpose these spaces because there’s already plenty of room in the house?

?  Does the house look huge from any exterior angle?

?  Do you sometimes feel as though you are rattling around in the house–that there’s too much space and not enough of a sense of place in any of it?

?  Do you sometimes wander around the house looking for a comfortable place to sit and read or have a cup of coffee?

?  Do you have any rooms that are more than 16 feet tall?

?  Do guests stepping into your foyer or living room for the first time look upward and say, “Wow”? (This is not always an indication of approval, just awe.)