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Recycling is an easy way to create less waste, but dive down into recycling rules and you’ll find that things are bit more complicated under the surface. Before you can recycle an object, you have to take many factors into account—numbers, shapes, colors, materials. Recycling rules may differ from center to center, but you can get the basics down with our guide to recycling!

Recycling Guide: How and What to Recycle 

Create less waste with this comprehensive guide to recycling. From plastics to electronics to furniture, you can recycle most household objects.

Know Your Plastics: Plastic Recycling Guide 

All plastics are not created equal. Get to know your plastics with this guide.

Recycle Your Wine Corks 

Used wine corks can be ground up and reconditioned into flooring, insulation, craft materials and soil conditioner.

How to Recycle Empty Cosmetics Containers 

Recycling cosmetics packaging is tricky. Here’s a simple guide to responsible cosmetics recycling.

UniquEco: Recycling Flip Flops for a Cleaner World 

This charitable foundation cleans up coasts, employs impoverished communities, turns discarded items into new products and uses the funds from sales to alleviate environmental issues such as whaling and support social issues such as education, conservation and development initiatives in poor communities.

Recycle Your Shoes 

Give your old shoes new life. Recycle or donate your shoes to charity instead of throwing them out.

Recharge and Recycle: How to Minimize Battery Purchases and Disposals 

Minimize your battery purchases and disposals, and find out where to recycle batteries.

3 Solutions to Electronic Waste 

Recycle your old toxic electronics that just seem to unavoidably create clutter.

When Computers Byte the Dust: How to Recycle Your Computer 

Computers are here to stay in our high-tech culture, but must they persist in our environment as well? Here’s a guide to recycling your old computer.

Recycle Your Bicycle 

A progressive company called Resource Revival turns your bicycle trash into inventive and usable treasure.

Construction Waste: What to Do with Demolition Waste 

Discover the best ways to recycle debris from construction projects.

Recycling Carpet 

Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) aims to divert used carpet out of landfills and into recycling or reuse programs.

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