Try This: Projects for the Bathroom: Bath Mat With Stones

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Private beach

When was the last time you walked barefoot on a surf-tumbled beach? You can enjoy that sensual experience everytime you step out of the shower or tub. A simple wood frame, lined with wire mesh and filled with small smooth stones, creates a practical and beautiful bath mat. The stones can be collected in your beach-combing adventures or purchased by the bag at garden centers and stone yards for a couple bucks a pound. The fabulous, toe-tingling foot massage is absolutely free.

1. Make a simple frame of pine “L” trim, mitre the corners and nail and glue together. Ours is about 18 inches by 26 inches. You can finish all the wood with a low-VOC waterproof sealer.

2. Cross pieces of 1/4-inch flat trim create supports for the bottom of the frame. The wire mesh will lie on them. We used 5 cross pieces-1 at each end and 3 equally spaced in the middle.

3. Use brass screen or galvanized wire mesh like the 1/2-inch rabbit fence used here (available at hardware stores). Cut the mesh with wire snips to be about 1/2-inch smaller than the frame in both directions. Bend it into the frame.

4. Smooth the wire and, if necessary, secure it to the cross supports with construction staples. Add the stones; 10 pounds of river or beach pebbles should do it.

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