Ornaments Made with Recycled Materials Craft

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Photo By Mother Earth Living staff
These dried oranges are ornaments made with recycled materials craft, a perfect project for the holiday season.

Try making these green-themed ornaments made with recycled materials craft for the holiday season.

Ornaments Made with Recycled Materials Craft

Stars and moons strung on yarn make a friendly, festive garland. These were cut out of plastic milk jugs and a clear plastic box, which was sanded quickly on one side to give it the swirly opacity of rice paper. Trace the patterns, cut, punch holes, and string them up.

Recycle a summer bouquet for Christmas. Dried flowers add color and texture and a hint of sunshine to a holiday tree. These colorful bundles of Gomphrena were cut at their peak and hung upside-down to dry. A few snips, a quick wrap of copper wire, and they’re ready to light up a branch. Try this with yarrow, globe thistle, or cockscomb.

These radiating mandalas of dried citrus fruit bedeck a tree with natural beauty. Slices of orange, lemon, and lime can be dried overnight on a cookie sheet in an oven set very low. Send a ribbon or wire through the central hole and tie or hook it on a limb. The dried fruit can be kept in an airtight container and used next year. (See the image gallery for photos of the craft projects.)

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