Organic Food Hits the Streets with People’s Grocery

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Photo Courtesy People’s Grocery
Malaika Edwards and Brahm Ahmadi founded the People’s Grocery. Photo courtesy People’s Grocery

People’s Grocery, a West Oakland, California, nonprofit group, is creating an organic fast food revolution. Neighborhood youth run the mobile market, a colorful, biodiesel-fueled, solar-powered truck loaded with fresh produce, staple goods and healthy snacks, through the neighborhood to give residents access to fresh food.

Hungry for change

Seventy percent of West Oakland’s 32,000 residents live below the poverty line, and access to affordable, healthy food is limited. Forty liquor and convenience stores exist but just one supermarket serves the community.

Food justice

The Mobile Market drums up awareness and enthusiasm for healthy eating by disseminating educational materials on nutrition and food choices. Grants and cooperative relationships with businesses and farmers offset the higher prices of organic produce.