Throwback Thursday: Organic Bedding for a Healthy New Year

Reader Contribution by Jessica Kellner

<a title=”Plover Organics ” href=”” target=”_blank”>Plover Organics </a>offers organic cotton bedding. </p>
<p>The start of a new year is a great time to examine our priorities. With our fast-paced lives, many of us forget to make the time to relax and get the rest we need. One smart resolution might be to simply take a break, cuddling up in bed for a nap or to read a good book. <br />
<br />When we do take time for ourselves (and when we go to sleep every night!), we don’t want to be breathing in the formaldehyde and chemical dyes often found in conventional bedding. To help put your mind <em>and</em> body to rest, choose organic bedding. <em>Natural Home & Garden </em>has covered options in organic, eco-friendly bedding many times over the years, so we can offer many resources to help you choose the best bedroom linens for you and your family!<br />
<br />Our “<a title=”Eco-friendly Bedding Guide” href=”” target=”_blank”>Eco-friendly Bedding Guide</a>” provides a good overview of the general things to look for when searching for organic bedding. Most important: Choose organic bedding that hasn’t been bleached, dyed or treated with chemicals to prevent wrinkles. <br />
<br />
<strong>Organic cotton </strong>is the most commonly available eco-friendly fabric. Organic cotton is grown without reliance on toxic pesticides, and it hasn’t been treated with chemical dyes. Do keep in mind that organic cotton bedding also hasn’t been treated with flame-retardant chemicals, so use caution with any flames near your bed. <br />
<br />
<strong>Organic hemp</strong> sheets are another good option. Hemp bedding, often called linen, is lightweight and gets softer over time. The only problem is that all hemp is imported because growing commercial hemp is illegal in the U.S. <br />
<br />You might find <strong>bamboo bedding </strong>in stores. Although bamboo is certainly a sustainable crop, transforming woody bamboo into fabric requires a resource-intensive process. <a title=”The FTC also discovered in 2009 that many ” bamboo”=”” fabrics=”” on=”” the=”” market=”” were=”” actually=”” rayon”=”” href=”” target=”_blank”>The FTC also discovered in 2009 that many “bamboo” fabrics on the market were actually rayon</a>. I don’t recommend bamboo fabrics as an eco-friendly choice, although, depending on the production process, it still may be preferable to pesticide-laden conventional cotton. <br />
<br />Now that you have a brief overview, it’s time to get to picking. Here is an <a title=”excellent list of organic bedding brands” href=”″ target=”_blank”>excellent list of organic bedding brands</a>. Once you have healthy bedding, you can curl up in bed assured that you are treating yourself and the environment well.  </p>