Build a DIY Rainwater Shower With Off-Grid Solar Water Heater

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by Larry Schwandes
The author uses a pump with a garden hose outlet to supply water to a mounted showerhead.

Construct a simple, inexpensive rainwater shower system heated with an off-grid solar water heater.

If you collect rainwater, there are a few ways you can use that water beyond giving it to your plants. One way is to build an outdoor rainwater shower. Then, take it a step further by constructing a simple off-grid solar water heater.

Using materials found at my local hardware store, I made a rainwater shower. I crafted a rectangular rack to hold the showerhead using 2x4s and 2x2s. Then I screwed eye hooks into the top that allow me to hang the rack wherever it’s convenient or nail it to a tree. I mounted a low-volume showerhead to the rack, which is attached to a submersible pump with a garden hose and galvanized fittings.

Making an Off-Grid Rainwater Shower System

solar water heater made by cpvc pipes painted black, and connected to a bucket of…
  • Updated on Aug 1, 2022
  • Originally Published on Jun 21, 2022
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