Green Highway Concert Tour for the Environment

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Nine-time Grammy winner Bonnie Raitt along with Lyle Lovett took the message of clean energy and sustainable living on the road this summer during their Green Highway concert tour. The traveling environmental exhibit included featured products and organizations that offer environmentally friendly alternatives, including Honda’s Insight and Civic Hybrid cars and tour vehicles that run on B20, a biodiesel fuel made from fat or vegetable oil that offers a cleaner burning alternative to standard diesel. (The National Biodiesel Board was also a partner.)

“It’s no accident that we’re in danger of losing both our ecological and our economic well-being at the same time,” says Raitt. “I feel too many government and corporate policies are inseparably shortsighted, and we’ve created Green Highway to demonstrate that working in harmony with nature can offer real solutions for preserving both our planet and our prosperity.”

Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s largest retailer of cleaner energy, provided the generation of wind power to cover the estimated 500 megawatt hours of electricity that the thirty-eight-city tour consumed, offsetting the production of 327 tons of carbon dioxide.

“The presence of these companies and their products means they endorse our basic principle of ecological harmony and our belief in the timeless Quaker philosophy–that you can do good at the same time you are doing well,” Raitt says.