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Women’s Quest Fitness Retreats, the nation’s leading women’s sports camps, offer weeklong retreats full of mountain biking and trail running in summer, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in winter. But the staff members at these camps, which are designed to build confidence and empower women of all athletic abilities, know it takes more than physical fitness to be well. “We also teach women how to tap into their own source of strength and inspiration,” says former world champion triathlete Colleen Cannon, founder of Women’s Quest. “Questers learn how to become their own lifetime coach and motivator through the challenges of athletic adventure and introspection. They leave with a newfound self-confidence, strength, and creativity.”

In addition to athletic endeavors, participants at Women’s Quest retreats experience the benefits of alternative healing techniques including yoga, aromatherapy, and massage. Staffers pay close attention to soul fitness as well, teaching attendees to incorporate visualization, journaling, meditation, dance, and song into their lives.

As a triathlete, Cannon discovered that physical activity is a powerful, underutilized tool for personal development, balance, and creativity. But, she says, “What we stress overall is complete health and balance. We’re achieving physical balance with great techniques for trail running and mountain biking, but having that balance of non-doing is as important as doing.”

Now in its tenth year, Women’s Quest is open to women of all ages, backgrounds, and athletic abilities, from beginning walkers to seasoned athletes. (Sisters, mothers, and daughters often attend together.) The activities are supportive, friendly, and non-competitive. “We toss personal labels out the window and show women that there is an athlete in each of us,” Cannon says.

Adventures into the Body & Soul retreats will be held June 25-30 and July 9-14 in Winter Park, Colorado. A Horse Adventure retreat will be held June 23-27 in Durango, Colorado, and a Triathlon Adventure Retreat will take place July 30-August 4 in Winter Park. La Bella Luna, a fitness retreat in Tuscany, Italy, will be held September 29-October 7. For more information, check out www.womensquest.com, or contact Colleen Cannon at (303) 545-9295 or colleen@womensquest.com.

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