Natural Home Goes to Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho

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Bike paths lead along the Big Wood River with views of Bald Mountain.
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The Davies Reid Gallery is just one of Ketchum’s many art galleries. Art gallery walks take place monthly.
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Fly-fishing is a popular Sun Valley pastime.

Best known for the ski resort and writer Ernest Hemingway’s legacy, the mountain towns of Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho, are remarkable for their devotion to health and an outdoorsy lifestyle. Surrounded by National Forest land with the Smoky, Pioneer, and Boulder-White Cloud Mountains as a backdrop, the community is determined to prevent overdevelopment and preserves its environment with land trusts. A favorite Hollywood getaway, Sun Valley has a reputation for wellness–witness its spas, fitness centers, and yoga studios.


Ketchum Grill
A member of the sustainable-minded Chef’s Collaborative, Scott Mason creates seasonal, mostly organic menus that are delicious and unpretentious. 520 East Avenue North, (208) 726-4660;

Akasha Organics

Don’t miss this funky organic juice bar, raw foods cafe, and kovil (temple space) where you can buy everything from “live” pizzas to didjeridus. 160 North Main Street
(208) 726-4777


Historic Walking Tours
Trace downtown Ketchum’s mining and shepherding history, then visit the Sun Valley Lodge, which has hosted Hollywood stars since the 1930s. Follow the Hemingway myth from the room where he completed For Whom the Bell Tolls to his grave. Pick up maps at the Ketchum/Sun Valley Heritage and Ski Museum. Corner of Washington and First Street, (208) 726-8118

Mountain Bike Trails
In summer, Sun Valley has a whole new use for ski lifts: Rent a mountain bike, hop on the lift up Bald Mountain, and fat tire your way down the slopes. Or, cycle along the area’s extensive paved recreational trails.


Walk the meditative path of this progressive community’s two outdoor labyrinths–one at St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center (2.5 miles south of Ketchum on Highway 75), the other at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Sun Valley Road.

Sun Valley Mountain Wellness Festival
May 28-31

Each Memorial Day weekend, this festival attracts experts and those who are passionate about mind/body/spirit health. This year’s highlights include a keynote address by author Marianne Williamson and a concert by Sanskrit chanters/singers Shanti Shanti. More than fifty workshops address topics such as feng shui, ayurvedic medicine, and energy healing. Daily yoga, Pilates, and qigong classes get attendees moving. Registration for workshops, exhibit hall, and movement classes: $35. (800) 634-3347

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