Love Lawn Games

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Get your family out in the fresh air to play lawn games such as croquet, bocce and badminton.

This summer, spend some family time out in the fresh air playing classic lawn games. In the past, lawn games have been a great way for families to spend time together outdoors, relaxing with a bit of friendly competition. Revive the practice as the longest days of the year provide us with sunny weekend days and ample evening time. You are likely to find vintage sets at garage sales, thrift stores and in online listings. Be on the lookout for these fun, relaxing, time-honored family games:

Croquet: Requiring only a bit of set-up, croquet makes a perfectly pleasant midmorning activity.

Bocce: Leisurely lawnbowling can rivet adults and kids after dinner or during a barbecue.

Badminton: Recruit friends for a tournament and enjoy a long afternoon outdoors.