Kit Home Building Tips

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These kit home building tips will help you while you are creating your home from the ground up.

Learn about these kit home building tips that will help you construct your new home.

Kit Home Building Tips

• If you decide to assemble a kit home, you will have to convince your mortgage lender that you are capable of successfully completing the project. Do this before you buy the kit.

• Expect to spend up to a year building and finishing a kit home yourself.

• If you hire a contractor to build your kit home, choose someone who has experience with a factory-built home. Many kit manufacturers can provide you with the names of skilled contractors in your area.

• If you want to be directly involved in the construction of your kit home but don’t feel competent to manage the entire project, consider hiring yourself out to your contractor as a worker.

• Significant differences exist between various kit-home packages; read the specifications and the contract carefully so you know exactly what you are getting.

• Kit-home warranties also vary: Some provide lifetime warranties, some offer 20-year warranties and some provide very little coverage.

• Some local jurisdictions may require stamped or approved house plans; be sure your kit-home manufacturer can supply them if required.

• Start the building permit process three to six months in advance of your project to minimize last-minute delays in your schedule. In some locations, you may have to educate the local zoning administrator or building inspector about your kit home before you obtain a permit.

• Shipping costs can add up; the closer you are to a kit manufacturer, the lower the cost of transport will be.

• Be prepared for your kit’s arrival; one or more tractor-trailers will suddenly show up, needing to be unloaded and, depending on the type of kit, the house may need to be erected promptly.

• Provide space to safely store and protect your kit’s components from the weather (and possibly from theft).

• Arrange the components in a logical order for easier construction flow.