Just Ask: Eco-Friendly Packing Boxes and Nontoxic Rinse Aid

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Find used moving boxes through Craigslist or try renting reusable crates.

Q: I’m moving soon, and a friend suggested buying cheap but durable plastic storage bins with lids as an alternative to traditional moving boxes (or whatever empty boxes I can find from local stores). The idea is appealing, especially for the stuff I typically keep stored in closets or my basement, because I wouldn’t have to unpack when I get to my new home. But I’m sure there has to be an alternative to plastic. What are my alternatives in the realm of lidded storage containers?
Jules, Omaha, Nebraska

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Q:While I am just pleased as pie to have a new superefficient dishwasher, I remain curious as to the chemical composition of the required rinse aid. This dishwasher dries dishes using a hot water rinse and stainless steel tub–it has no energy-sucking, plastic-
melting heating element. However, it will not run unless its rinse aid receptacle is filled. While I could probably trick it by filling the rinse aid reservoir with water, that would seem likely to promote unsightly spotting. I enjoy the energy efficiency and quietude of my dishwasher, but I am concerned that I may be slowly killing my family through hydrophobic rinse aid ingestion. What is this stuff, anyway?
Spotless But Concerned, Louisville, Colorado

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