Reduce, Reuse, Rejoice! Homemade Holiday Ornaments

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Decorate your tree with fragrant, nontoxic cookies.
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Our tree shines with these paper globe and scented cookie decorations.
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Repurposed tissue paper and gift wrap give old glass ornaments a new face.

Cook up a fresh holiday look without breaking the bank or increasing the size of your carbon footprint. Here are three ideas that can fill a tree or a glass bowl with handmade and whimsical charm.

Cinnamon-Scented Cookies
These fragrant cookies smell yummy, but–though nontoxic–they are not good for snacking.

Citrus Slice Ornaments
The name refers to the translucent quality of the citrus slices.

Decoupage Ornaments
These ornaments resemble the paper maché and cardboard ornaments that became popular when glass was scarce.