Try This: Projects for the Bathroom: Leaf Print Shower Curtain

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Make this beautiful leafy shower curtain design.

Leafy cover

Give new life to a plain cotton or linen shower curtain with a simple leaf printing process. Nontoxic fabric paint or fabric dye such as Deka is painted on the veiny underside of leaves. Here common houseplants were used, but any leaf with interesting shape and texture works well. Position the painted side of the leaf on the fabric, lay a piece of paper over it, and press the paper and leaf carefully into the fabric with your hands or a rubber roller. Thorough but gentle rubbing of the entire leaf surface ensures the most dramatic prints. Most dyes can be set with a vinegar bath, but check the manufacturer’s recommendations for color fastness.

1. Paint the veined side of the leaf with dye or paint. Be sure to paint the stem too.

2. Press the leaf into the fabric and cover with paper. Smooth with a roller or your hand.

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