Home Waste-Reduction Options: Beyond Recycling or Donating (Video)

Reader Contribution by Kari Klaus and Realty Sage
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We know that recycling is the easiest way to ensure that some of our household waste, doesn’t end up in the landfill. But recycling isn’t an option for a majority of our household waste, like food, clothes or furniture! And in some localities, once commonly recycled items, like glass, are no longer being accepted for recycling, because it’s become cost inefficient.

This year I learned that trying to figure out what to do with old household items was no easy task. It was time to finally replace my living room sofa and love seat. Knowing that it would just end up in the landfill, I tried to research ways to donate it or to have it recycled…with little success. In the end, my old sofa finally ended up on the driveway with a “free” sign attached to it. Luckily some neighbors took the furniture home with them to be re-used. Whew!

How can we re-purpose household waste other than recycling or donating?

Did you know that a major furniture company will actually pay you for your old furniture? And that there are many other ways to purge your old clothing instead of donating them (which may just end up in a landfill) or using sites like Craigslist to sell them? Coffee doesn’t just perk you up, but that its grounds can be repurposed for the garden and as a beauty ritual.   

This short video offers five unique tips on how to give a second life to some of the most wasteful household items (food, clothes, and furniture).