Kari Klaus, Founder of Viva Green Homes

Name: Kari Klaus

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Viva Green Homes and N. Virginia Realtor

Kari Klaus

Place of Residence: Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Arlington, Virginia

Background and Personal History: Kari is an avid traveler and has lived abroad in Spain and Mexico. Her background and education have consistently been a mixture of environmental, international, and economic/business studies. She is married and always has a large family of furry “children,” ranging from ferrets to birds, to cats and dogs, and an iguana that she’s had for nearly 18 years.

Current Projects: Kari is working on establishing Viva Green Homes as the most popular sustainable homes site, but she also has a need to be volunteering and is currently working with and helping local animal rescue groups in Mexico.

More Places to Find Kari on the Web:

GreenRealEstateVA.com (Kari’s Northern Virginia real estate website)