Natural Home’s Favorite Things: Ford Airstream Concept, Sustainable Architecture, Burning Man

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The prototype of the electric Ford Airstream Concept vehicle.

Road Trip of the Future

With its shiny silver exterior and space-age interior, the Ford Airstream Concept, a combination car/livable trailer, weds Airstream pizzazz with Ford engineering. The vehicle operates under electric power and gets the equivalent of 41 miles per gallon, thanks to a plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell. But hold your horsepower: The Concept is still, well, just a concept.

Eco-Exhibit at Building Museum

“The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture” is on display through June 3 at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. The life-size replica of an eco-friendly home demonstrates the collaboration between stylish architecture, interior design and environmental responsibility.

Burning Man Cools Off

At the annual Burning Man festival–held this year from August 27 to September 3–thousands gather for radical self-expression and community in Black Rock Desert, near Reno, Nevada. The 2007 art theme, “The Green Man,” explores humanity’s relationship with nature. Organizers will offset the climate-changing gases released during the famous burning of a huge wooden sculpture of a man. The event follows “Leave No Trace” environmental guidelines.