Greensburg to Begin Construction of the Silo Eco-Home

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Courtesy of the University of Colorado, Boulder
Rendering of the 2005 solar decathlon winner. This green home was donated to Greensburg and will be part of its Eco-Homes project.

Builders will break ground on Greensburg’s Silo Eco-Home on Thursday. This begins the Eco-Homes Project, an eco-tourism initiative in the Kansas town that was wiped out by a tornado in May 2007.

Greensburg Greentown, the organization that owns and has been leading the green construction of the home, plans to complete the project in May 2009, in time for the two-year anniversary of the tornado.

The Silo Eco-Home uses methods and materials that traditional silos use. It will have concrete walls and a cylindrical shape, which gives it strength to support very intense winds, up to 200 mph, according to Greensburg Greentown

In addition, the Silo Eco-Home will have a passive ventilation system, as well as a vegetable garden on the roof, solar-powered electricity and water-saving features. Ogden Publications, publisher of Natural Home magazine, is one of the anchor sponsors for the home.

The Silo Eco-Home is the first of 12 eco-tourism homes to be built in Greensburg; it will serve as a museum during the day and tourist lodging at night, where travelers can experience living in a green home. The Eco-Homes Project will also include a straw-bale home as well as the winner of the 2005 Solar Decathlon, built by a University of Colorado, Boulder team. This home was donated to Greensburg for the Eco-Homes Project.

Since the tornado on May 4, 2007, Greensburg has tried to reconstruct the rural Kansas town in a more eco-friendly manner. Greensburg Greentown expects to receive tourists from around the world to see and experience life in a green town. 

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