Green Your Summer Party

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Try these tips for an eco-friendly gathering.

Party planning can be a stressful undertaking, but there’s no need to strain the environment in the process. Here are some tips from for preparing a fun and eco-friendly gathering.

1. Invitations: Use e-cards to invite guests as opposed to mailing an invitation. These can be much more fun, and some sites even give you options to customize your invite.

2. Decorations: Go for the real thing when serving food and drinks. If doing the dishes is a dreaded part of the day, go disposable with biodegradable cups and plates (remember, try to avoid Styrofoam and plastic products).

3. Lighting: Hold your party or cookout during the day to take advantage of the sunlight. If your party is more of a nightly affair, use candles to create a more outdoorsy setting. And if light bulbs are a necessity, go for compact fluorescent bulbs. 

4. Food: Buy local, which reduces the amount of emissions and energy needed to ship food. Also, having a variety of finger foods could reduce the need for plates and dishes.

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