Building with Green Lumber

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by Adobestock/Tomasz Zajda

Learn how to build with green lumber for low-cost, non-energy-intensive, DIY timber framing with green lumber including gathering raw materials, shrinkage, nails, and nailing.

If you’re interested in low-cost, non-energy-intensive, do-it-yourself housing–and who isn’t these days?–here’s new-old way to make that dream come true.

Planning to build your own house or cabin? Want to save a bundle on materials AND add to your dwelling’s visual appeal? Then by all means, use green lumber in your project!

Now please hear me out! I know the idea of constructing a house of unseasoned wood registers with most folks like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard . . . but doggone it, fresh-from-the-tree lumber is [1] only one-fifth to a third as expensive as kiln-dried pine, [2] no harder to work with, in my opinion, than “ordinary” materials, and [3] stunningly beautiful. It’s also real, in a way that Formica and stucco and linoleum can never be.

Sure, raw timber does shrink as it dries out. You can circumvent this problem, however, with the right construction techniques . . . and I’m sure that once you’ve compared the aroma, appearance, and sheer good karma of a green wood house with the aura of any other wooden structure, you’ll agree that shrinkage is of trivial importance. (Well, almost trivial.) Besides: Green wood is organic, non-energy-intensive, and just plain fun to work with!

  • Updated on Jan 30, 2023
  • Originally Published on May 1, 1976
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