Green, Right Down To A Tee

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This dark cement "NOT Made in China" men's crew is $29.

T-shirts are not going out of style anytime soon. Many websites offer organic cotton t-shirts that use less pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers in the production of cotton. Conventional cotton uses 25 percent of the world’s chemical pesticides and fertilizers, but only 3 percent of the world’s farmland. The Sustainable Cotton Project is dedicated to supporting local farmers and educating farmers about biological farming techniques for more eco-friendly cotton production.

Greener fashion is becoming more prevalent in everything from runway to athletic wear to casual clothing, such as t-shirts. A variety of websites sell organic cotton t-shirts that can spruce up an outdated wardrobe. What more could a closet ask for?

Fuze Organics does not sacrifice style for organic material. Along with a variety of graphic (using eco-friendly inks) t-shirts for men and women, hoodies and even reversible T-shirts are available to stay eco-chic. ($58)

For a more subtle style, Green Label Organic offers less subtle graphics on its t-shirts with more options for a more stylish look, such as tanks and scoop shirts for women. ($29)

If your wardrobe needs expanding beyond some green tees, Peligrosa sells various types of clothing, such as button down shirts, camisoles, shorts and pants to bring out the your best green style. ($50)

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