Modern Family Bungalow Receives LEED Certification

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Photo Courtesy Dwellings, Inc.
Dwellings announced that its Mesta Park Project, Modern Family Bungalow, has received the title of the first LEED Gold home in Oklahoma.

Dwellings LLC announced that its Mesta Park Project, Modern Family Bungalow, is the first LEED Gold home in Oklahoma. The home has been awarded LEED Gold-level certification by U.S. Green Building Council. 

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design and is a certification awarded by the USGBC. The Modern Family Bungalow has received other accolades including the government’s Energy Star rating the Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor air Plus qualification. 

Dwellings is a residential contracting company specializing in building energy-efficient new and remodeled homes. The company is based in Oklahoma City.

Construction of the Modern Family Bungalow began in 2008 and was completed earlier this year. The land on which the bungalow was built was previously an infill lot which was vacant for 10 years.

The home’s builder and current occupant, Andy Zeeck said in a press release that the difference in the heating and cooling costs between the bungalow and his previous, similarly sized home have been dramatic. He attributes the 25 percent difference to the new home’s energy efficient components, such as spray-foam insulated shell and energy-efficient windows. Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and concrete floors with soy based-stains keep indoor air quality high.