Top Travel Spots to Visit in 2019

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One of the best ways to have an escape and create new memories with your loved ones is to spend time traveling throughout the year. Traveling offers the opportunity to discover new locations and try new activities in a beautiful setting. Here are a few of the top travel spots to consider visiting in 2019 when you’re looking to book your next vacation.

Savannah, Georgia

Known as a big small town, Savannah is a charming location to explore for its contemporary design and Southern roots. The coastal city sits next to the Savannah River and offers many historic sites that include Bonaventure Cemetery, Wormsloe Historic Site, and the Savannah Historic District. The cobblestone squares, manicured parks, and horse-drawn carriages allow it to feel magical as you spend time in a friendly location where the locals will make you feel welcome.


Singapore is increasing in popularity after the film Crazy Rich Asians became one of the top movies in 2018. The small-nation state features stunning architecture and a lush tropical setting with plenty of palm trees. One of the top places to visit in the city is the Marina Bay Sands Singapore hotel, which features an infinity pool on the roof and overlooks the city. When you want to continue exploring at night, consider taking a night safari at the night zoo where tram rides are available. You can spend time in the lush rainforest while getting a firsthand look at tigers, elephants, and leopards.

Petra, Jordan

According to Architectural Digest, the Petra Museum is scheduled to open in 2019 and offers a look at the rich history of the city. More people are choosing to travel to the Middle East to explore architectural sites and learn more about the history of each country. Petra can be accessed by traveling through a narrow canyon where tombs and temples are carved into the rock and are visually stunning. According to, most of the sites are best accessed by foot although camels, horse buggies, and donkeys are also available. “Petra by Night” is also a must-see for the visual effects that it offers to locals and tourists in the city.

St. Barth’s

Known as one of the top destinations in the world that is frequented by the rich and famous, St. Barth’s boasts beautiful views of the water with luxury resorts and white sand on its beaches. Visitors can find many different designer shops when you’re looking to own a new piece of jewelry or handbag. If you’re looking for cruises to the Bahamas, St. Barth’s is one of the top locations to explore and offers a laid back culture that makes it easy to feel like you’re in paradise.

Some of the top sites to visit in St. Barth’s includes Shell Beach where millions of shells have washed onto the shore. Colombier, Saint Barthélemy is also a common place to unwind on the northwestern part of the island where it’s surrounded by lush greens. Those who are interested in snorkeling and sailing can visit Île Fourchue, which is an island between Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Martin. It’s a quiet location where you can escape the crowds and enjoy a bit of isolation from the rest of the world while lounging in the sun or swimming underwater with colorful schools of fish.

Alsace, France

According to, Alsace is home to romantic villas where some of the finest wines in the world are produced. Maison Trimbach and Domain Winebach can be visited to enjoy world-class Gewürztraminers and Rieslings. The city can even be explored by boat with private cruises that are available.

There are plenty of places in the world to visit when you want to have an adventure and learn more about different countries. By knowing the top hot spots in 2019, you can become more worldly and cultured due to your experiences.

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