Get the Builders and Buyers Guide to Home Efficiency

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energy has completed a five-volume series of guidebooks
for builders and homebuyers. The series is regionalized; each book
has varying energy efficiency tips and building steps depending on
the climate of the specified region. Each book is entitled,
‘Builders and Buyers Handbook for Improving New Home Efficiency,
Comfort, and Durability,’ proceeded by the region of that
particular volume. The five featured regions are; hot-humid
climates, hot-dry and mixed-dry climates, cold and very cold
climates, mixed-humid climates and marine climate zone.

‘The Department of Energy’s Marine Climate booklet provides
builders with a full spectrum of knowledge to help increase energy
efficiency and save costs while also taking into account the
climate’s unique challenges and opportunities,’ DOE Assistant
Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Andy Karsner
Within the volumes is a layout of the best practices for that
region to reach a 30 percent energy savings in water heating and
space heating and cooling. Each handbook is broken down into
chapters referring to the responsibilities of respective positions
within a building team, including homeowners, managers, marketers,
site planners, designers, and site supervisors.

To purchase the Building America Guidebook series, visit this site.