The Environmentally Friendly Sundance Resort Founded by Robert Redford

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The environmentally friendly Sundance Resort remains true to its original environmental mission. The spa at Sundance used low-VOC paints and wallboard made from sunflower seed hulls.
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Sundance homeowners are encouraged to build modest houses that blend into the landscape.
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Sundance homeowners are encouraged to build modest houses that blend into the landscape.

A resort runs through it: Learn about the the environmentally friendly Sundance Resort founded by Robert Redford.

“Our commitment has always been to develop very little and preserve a great deal.” —Robert Redford

Sundance Kid: When he purchased land in the North Fork Canyon in 1969, Redford envisioned a community dedicated to preserving its natural beauty. To ensure this, the environmentally friendly Sundance Resort established the North Fork Preservation Alliance (NFPA), a nonprofit that protects open spaces.

Decent Proposal: To promote sustainable development, NFPA created the Sustainable Resource Building Library, which provides lists of green architects and contractors plus samples of environmentally friendly flooring, carpet, wood, siding, and roofing materials.

Ordinary People: NFPA encourages local landowners to build sensible homes that don’t detract from the landscape. Each lot has an environmental survey that includes square footage recommendations and a map of its solar aspects.

The Natural: Sundance sells organic cotton T-shirts and recycles ski poles. The spa incorporates water-saving devices, low-VOC paint, and wallboard made from sunflower-seed hulls. Restaurants cook with organic food and recycle kitchen grease. The resort’s on-site glassworks uses empty wine bottles to make water glasses and artwork.

Downhill Racer: Those who carpool to Sundance receive a discount on lift tickets.

Contact the Sundance Resort at (800) 892-1600.