Editorial Calendar: January/February 2010


Spotlight: Save Energy

Houses: A suburban Dallas “smart” home built of ICFs and SIPS takes advantage of natural ventilation and daylighting to become one of America’s three greenest homes and a solar-powered home in the Virgin Islands demonstrates the advantages of proper siting and water conservation. 

Feature Stories:

“The Recession Garden”

Save money–and eat better–by growing your own food, no matter where you live.

“Slash Your Energy Bills”

Our experts show you just how easy this can be.

“Green Homes by Region”

Building a home that’s appropriate for your climate and conditions is the greenest thing you can do.

“Build a Storm-Resistant, Energy-Efficient Home”

After a brush with Hurricane Charley, a couple builds a storm-resistant, energy-efficient home in Florida. Here’s how they did it.


“Best for Saving Energy”

Five types of products that will save energy and money–with resource listings.

“Conscious Kitchen”

You can eat healthy, nutritious meals on a budget.

“Nuts & Bolts”

Solar thermal collectors

“Be Well”

Solar design is not only a great way to lower your carbon footprint–it brings many health benefits as well.